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Information Technology
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Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) provides computing and data communication support and services to the academic and administrative segments of the campus. IT provides and maintains many types of software and services to support the school's mission. We continually review, expand and upgrade these services to proactively support the college's evolving computing needs.

Administrative Computing services are provided to the entire campus through Ellucians's Banner application software as well as locally developed systems. These applications are designed, maintained and implemented in a manner that preserves technological currency in an integrated environment. This software includes Web services and enables the College to provide a robust and varied computing interface to the entire community.

Instructional Computing services are provided via the development, support and maintenance of Instructional Computing labs throughout the campus. Several specialized labs equipped with curriculum-related technology are also available. All students are provided with email, remote access to campus computing facilities and Internet connectivity.

Systems and Operations / Network Technologies services are provided and hosted locally, which also includes support for remote cloud and SAAS environments to best support the various needs of the campus. IT plans, installs and maintains the network infrastructure for campus-wide data communications and network security. This includes fiber infrastructure that interconnects buildings on campus directly to the internet, to wired offices and labs, and also provides wireless access throughout the campus. We employ several security technologies, such as firewalls, IDP, web filtering, antivirus, spam filtering and other controls to maintain the integrity and security of all campus-related data and computing facilities.