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2017 Study Abroad Programs Put FSC Students on the Fast Track

September 28. 2107


Ever wanted to be involved in a “first”?  Well, you’ll have that chance in 2017, as Farmingdale roles out five brand-new Study Abroad opportunities, scheduled for next January, March and June.  All five programs and four of the five countries to be visited will be firsts for FSC, which has offered Study Abroad programs for years, but is always looking for new and different academically stimulating and culturally enriching experiences for its students.

Such as Danielle Rottkamp ’17, a Visual Communications major who visited Dingle, Ireland.  “I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience such a life-changing adventure. That is something I will hold close for the rest my life.”

Business Management major Sarah Khan ’18 agrees. “I think everyone should study abroad at least once. Going to Spain, I didn't think I was going to come back a changed person. I was completely wrong.  I'm nothing but grateful for my opportunity to study abroad.”

And sophomore Sachella Higgins, who studied in Mexico, wholeheartedly echoes both those sentiments.  “This was an amazing experience! I would do it all over again!”

Study Abroad is based in the Office of International Education and Programs, headed by Dr. Lorraine Greenwald, dean.  On her webpage, Dr. Greenwald promises A great experience, a great education, and even greater memories.”

The advantages are endless, because the world and its people and cultures have so much to teach us,” Dr. Greenwald says. “Research shows that students who have studied abroad are more outstanding job candidates, demonstrate desirable employee characteristics, and find post-graduation opportunities sooner when compared to their stay at home counterparts.  

“Study Abroad provides students a varied perspective of themselves and others, which will influence their career trajectory and life path.”

Actually, coming up with “firsts” is not new to International Education and Programs.  Dr. Greenwald, along with International Program Coordinator Jessica Zuniga, is always on the lookout for overseas opportunities that will provide mind-expanding academics overlaid with local culture and history.  They work closely with FSC faculty to create these programs, and last year polled 500 students about counties and areas of study in which they would enroll if given the chance.

“Students at FSC need this opportunity more than ever, being that the majority of them live at home and have not had that ‘away at college’ experience. This is it for them,” Zuniga says.

“Away” they will be going, during 2017 Intersession, and next spring and summer.  FSC professors and students have spoken, and Dr. Greenwald and Zuniga have listened.  Here is where faculty and students will be heading next year.

Santiago, Chile – January 8–28, 2017.  Application deadline October 7, 2016

Taught by Professor Ramon-Osvaldo Gonzalez, this “first” is for Aviation students who want to learn more about the international airline industry.  They will visit the operations center of LATAM Airlines and a Chilean Air Force base. 

According to Professor Gonzalez, given the highly competitive job market in the U.S., students will be exposed to opportunities at international airlines providing U.S.-based work.  Second, Aviation majors will have a hands-on experience in Specialty Flying; i.e. flying for private companies.

“I am very excited about this program, and I trust that our students will have an unforgettable experience.  I also hope this experience will bring students to a closer and more attached relation with Farmingdale State College.”

London, England – March 9-18, 2017.  Application deadline November 15, 2016

FSC students have been to London before, but the focus on British theatre is new.  Led by FSC’s expert in Irish/British theatre and professional actor Dr. Mary P. Caulfield, the agenda is bursting at the seams.  Only students with a thirst for theatre – and an overflowing reservoir of stamina – need apply!

  • Visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the William Shakespeare birthplace
  • Tour of Shakespeare’s London Globe Theatre
  • 100 Years of Theatre walking tour
  • Global Theatre workshop
  • Visit to the theatre collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Backstage tour of the National Theatre Complex
  • Tickets to West End, National/Globe and Fringe productions
  • High tea with a West End theatre critic


“Plays were meant for the stage, not JUST the page!” says Dr. Caulfield. “On this premise, this Introduction to Dramatic Literature course will introduce students to the dynamic London theatre scene. First we will read and discuss these plays in class on campus. On our trip, we will see these plays performed professionally on the London stage.

“Studying abroad in London and Dublin was the most inspiring and influential aspect of my undergraduate and post-graduate education. I'm delighted that Farmingdale State College offers this opportunity to its students and that I get to be a part of this hands-on learning experience.”

Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen & Hong Kong, China – March 10-19, 2017.  Application deadline November 15, 2016

Dr. Jing Betty Feng, assistant professor of Global Business Management, leads this spring break Study Abroad program to four Chinese cities to follow the smart-phone supply chain.  Students will visit companies in the upstream and downstream of the chain, including components and assembly manufacturers, logistics companies, and distribution retailers. 

Says Dr. Feng: “With the growing importance of China in the global economy, this real-world experience will provide an opportunity to understand cultural nuances of business in China, gain insights into business innovation, and the chance to develop their career.”

Nicosia, Cyprus – June 10-June 30, 2017.  Application deadline March 15, 2017

This will be FSC’s first time in Cyprus, and nursing professor Maria Nikolaidou says “Don’t miss it.”

“Understanding global health issues and systems is imperative for today’s health care professional. To be change agents, health care professionals need to experience and understand other health care systems.  Students will enrich their knowledge by comparing and contrasting health systems in the U.S. with those in Cyprus, conceptualizing the current practice of health professionals in the public and private sectors in Cyprus, and exploring the key influences on the development of contemporary health organizations.”

Professor Nikolaidou will teach the course on Health Promotion and Patient Education, and faculty at the University of Nicosia will present a course on Global Social Change.

Antigua, West Indies – June 24-July 22, 2017.  Application deadline March 15, 2017

FSC students get their first crack at a field-study program, which offers a get-your-hands-dirty chance to work at the pre-historic site of Indian Creek. They will also conduct analysis on the skeletons buried at the 18th century British Royal Naval Cemetery at Galleon Beach.  Dr. Matthew Brown, Assistant Professor of Archaeology, will lead the team, and they couldn’t be in more capable hands.

“Archaeology is an extremely fascinating field of science, filled with adventure, discovery and exploration. The island of Antigua has a rich history spanning almost 5000 years, and students will have the opportunity to play an active role in the exploration and discovery of ancient pre-historic cultures dating back 2000 years at the site of Indian Creek.

“We will also analyze the period when British Royal Navy victims of the 1793 yellow fever epidemic were among those killed by the thousands throughout the Caribbean and North America. The excavations and analyses will give students a highly detailed glimpse of past human lifeways, the decisions they made and how those decisions have helped to shape human biology, the environment, and culture on a local and global scale.”

All in all, 2017 will be a banner year for Study Abroad, and for students looking to be intellectually challenged and culturally aware.  Dr. Greenwald can’t recommend it enough.

“Many of our students are place-bound, but that does not reduce the importance for them to be globally savvy as competitive candidates for their future employment.  Here at FSC, students who are willing to take a step out of their comfort zone and into another culture with an open mind are those who are most likely to succeed.”