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Contact Information:

Allison Puff, Acting Assistant Provost

Horton Hall 110


What is Applied Learning?

Knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and then applied in a hands-on, real-world environment outside the classroom is what Applied Learning is all about. Your experience might take place at a research laboratory, hospital, darkroom, or on Wall Street. But that’s not where it ends.  Once you’ve been immersed in that real-world environment, you will be asked to bring the skills and experience you acquire back to the classroom to help enrich your academic work. 

(For a list of Applied Learning choices and real-life success stories – from internships with a New York Yankees farm team to study abroad in Rome – click here.)

Another crucial element of Applied Learning is Reflection – your effort in meditating on what you have learned outside the classroom, and recording it in a formal way, such as in a presentation or journal.  It is no less important than hands-on work, and essential to understanding the meaning and application behind that experience.

Why is it important?

The mission of Farmingdale State College includes the goal of providing students with a foundation of knowledge and skills so that they may become imaginative thinkers and successful problem solvers motivated by a spirit of inquiry and recognized for innovative achievement. Our commitment to Applied Learning is one of the important ways in which we achieve this goal. Every student at Farmingdale State College is provided multiple opportunities to practice the skills learned in a real-world setting, which in turn help them enter the workforce or graduate school prepared for success.

How does it work?

Applied Learning activities may be included in a variety of different ways within your courses at Farmingdale State College.  Some courses are dedicated to the applied learning activity, including clinical placements, internships, and practicums.  In other courses, a single applied learning activity such as a field study or service learning experience will enhance your education.  Please browse the applied learning categories page for specific information.

Applied Learning also takes place outside the classroom. Co-curricular activities (those that are related to the discipline but not completed for course credit) such as participating in health fairs or club-related volunteer activities may also be designated Applied Learning if all criteria are met.