Title III Resources
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Professional Development Resources & Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Dear Colleagues,

With the support of a $2 million Title III "Strengthening Institutions" Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Farmingdale State College (SUNY) is undertaking a comprehensive strategic initiative to transform the College into a Learner-Centered Institution that exhibits the following features:

1. Engaging pedagogy and first-year programs
2. Supportive environment that includes robust student orientation, developmental and proactive academic advisement, mentoring, and support services
3. Students First ethos that pervades hiring, orientation & development of faculty and staff
4. Increased student engagement (e.g., experiential learning, co-curricular programs)
5. Systematic tracking and documentation of student learning and academic progress
6. Continuous improvement and strategic planning that is supported by data, assessment & evaluation of student learning and institutional performance

Of course, it is you - the faculty and professional staff - who are leading this institution's transformation. You interact daily with students. You are the ones who teach and mentor our students both inside and out the classroom. You ultimately advance the learning, social development, engagement, retention, and academic success of Farmingdale students.

So as to aid you in this important effort, the Title III initiative provides information, resources, and grants to faculty and professional staff.

This website serves as a directory of resources available to you. I inviite you to investigate and pursue the opportunities for professional development and support highlighted here.


Beverly L. Kahn, PhD
Title III, Project Director

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