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s" title="Information about how to apply" href="/admissions/apply-now.shtml">Apply Now Mebane-Cruz, Anjana Sociology and Anthropology Memorial Hall 130 (631) 420- 2638 Meindl, Professor John Sport Management Department Thompson Hall, Room 129 631-420-2786 Menchyk , Nicholas Urban Horticulture & Design Thompson Hall 631-420-2113 Miao, Lei Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Lupton Hall 246G (631)420-2589 Morgan, Eric Biology Mussa, Abeba Economics School of Business Room 202 631-420-2049 Nebocat, Christine Medical Laboratory Technology Gleeson Hall Room 119 631-794-6253 Nober, Lee Sport Management Thompson Hall Room 129 631-420-2786 O'Sullivan, Jill Computer Systems Whitman Hall 631-420-2293 Oishi, Jeffrey Physics Lupton Hall 631-420-2188 O’Brien, Kenneth F. Business Management Thompson Hall 207 (631) 420-2612 Patnode, Stephen History and Political Science Memorial Hall Room 231 631-420-2318 Porubanova, Michaela Psychology Knapp Hall Room 57 631-420-2236 Prazak, Lisa Biology Hale Hall Room 116 631-420-2175 Radu, Mihaela Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Lupton Hall Room 246J 631-420-2450 Regmi , Dipendra Mathematics Whitman Hall 631-420-2571 Rosciano, Annemarie Nursing Gleeson Hall Room 214 631-420-2446 Rosselli, Tony Sport Management School of Business Building 631-420-2786 Rozakis, Laurie Engilsh Office: Knapp 39 631-420-2645 Rupp, Gary Business Management Thompson Hall 227 (631) 420-2722 Saidpour, Mir Said Automotive & Mechanical Engineering Technology Lupton Hall Seifert, Jessica Biology Hale Hall 631-420-2175 Simonson, Jack Physics Lupton Hall Room 200C 631-420-2155 Singh, Sarbjit "Sab" Sports Management/Business Management School of Business Building Room 102 631-794-6212 Stolzenberg, Ira Sport Management Thompson Hall, Room 129 631-420-2417 Sullivan, Elizabeth English Knapp Hall, Room 42 631-420-2048 Thwing, Jennie Visual Communications Hale Hall Room 152 631-794-6204 Viswanathan, Nanda Business Management School of Business Room 331 631-420-2705 Weber, Rick Economics School of Business Room 205 631-420-6260 Weinstein, Dianne Business Management Thompson Hall 115 (631) 420-2186 Winters, Nancy Nursing Gleeson Hall Room 202 631-420-2032 Xu, Lijian EET/CET Department 246 I Lupton (631) 420-2397 Yu, Chunhui Mathematics Whitman Hall Room 180F 631-420-2541 Zhang, Xu Economics School of Business Room 203 631-420-2334