Security Systems/Law Enforcement Technology
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Security Systems/Law Enforcement Technology

We wish to welcome you! Our programs are designed to develop technical competencies in students pursuing careers in criminal justice and the protective services. We offer an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice and B.S. degrees in Security Systems and Law Enforcement Technology.

About The Programs

The computer as an integrating technology is emphasized in our programs to achieve remarkable effectiveness as well as exceptional efficiency of protective service performance. Our goal is to prepare students for a changing work environment in which computers will be used extensively. The technology engines driving our programs include computer-based security equipment that offer students research opportunities in crime prevention system design, including development of new encryption and biometric technologies and surveillance technologies to protect data and transactions on desktops, intranets, extranets, and the public Internet.

B.S. – Security Systems

The Bachelor of Science degree in Security Systems educates a new breed security director, a manager of technology who integrates crime prevention theory with the design philosophy and hardware and software components of security technology. Criminal justice and security are, by their nature, information gathering and processing activities. Students must be prepared for a changing work environment where computers will be used extensively. The computer as an integrating technology is emphasized in the program to achieve remarkable effectiveness as well as exceptional efficiency of crime control performance. Specialized, state-of-the-art laboratories in Access Control, Computer Forensics, Computer Security, Intrusion Detection, and Security- Imaging Sensor offer technical resources. Courseware in access control, computer forensics and security, intrusion detection, and physical security teach how to manage the movement of people in organizations, detect intrusions on the corporate network, deter acts of corporate espionage and sabotage, and prevent theft of company assets. Students are taught how to use hardware and software to solve business problems.

B.S. – Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Technology

The program blends courseware in computers, forensics, crime prevention, and technology to provide students with the necessary skills to control crime as well as to conduct investigations of crimes committed on a computer or at a crime scene. Students are provided with a legal foundation in the study of digital evidence, which is an essential element of cyber investigations. The program will provide graduates with technical skills to pursue careers in the protective services as well as for in-service personnel who may seek career advancement. Students are also provided with a broad based educational experience that draws from the deep reservoirs of knowledge of the arts and sciences. Graduates who wish to continue their education will find that the proposed degree program will enable them to transfer to graduate programs in criminal justice.