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Testing Accomodations Procedure

Students with disabilities may be entitled to testing accommodations.
To receive testing accommodations, a student must do the following:

  1. Contact the Disability Services Center (DSC) and make an appointment to review the disability documentation and request for accommodations.

  2. Students with disabilities must provide appropriate documentation. Regarding students with learning disabilities, documentation must include recent psychological and educational evaluations in addition to the most recent IEP. (The IEP often includes educational testing scores)

  3. A form specifying the reasonable accommodations for which the student is entitled must be completed for each class and signed by the DSC.

  4. One of the staff from DSC will complete the reasonable accommodations forms for each class upon the student’s request. This completed form is given to each professor of each class for which you are using testing accommodations.

  5. Testing accommodation forms must be used for each test. The form will also indicate how the test will be delivered to DSC; how it will be returned; and any special instructions from the professor. This form should be submitted one week before the test.

  6. Make an appointment with the Testing Coordinator at 631-420-2413 to schedule the test.

  7. Testing must be completed without interruption. No one will be permitted to begin a test one day and complete it another day.

  8. Tests that are not completed at the scheduled time will be returned to the professor.

  9. In most cases, students requesting extended time, “time and a half” will be provided.


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