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Residence Life Staff

Director of Residence Life – Angela Jasur

Office Managers - Liz Berger, Christine Bednor

Resident Directors (RD)
Resident Directors are live-in professionals that work for Residence Life. They are college graduates who run the day to day operations of their individual residence halls / areas. They participate in an on-call emergency duty rotation during the evenings/weekends to ensure the safety and integrity of the resident student population. As professional staff members, they supervise a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) in addition to the daily maintenance of the building(s) that they are responsible for.

Current RD Staff -

Josh Jones – Orchard Hall Floors 1 and 2

LaShonda Boggan – Orchard Hall Floors 3 and 4

Justina Geremia - Dewey Hall (First Year Residential Experience Program) and Alumni Hall

Resident Assistants (RA)
Head Residents and Resident Assistants are students who are employed by the Residence Life. They are placed amongst the rest of the residential student population for the main purpose of building a community in their areas. This is largely accomplished by the in-hall programming that each staff member creates to cater to their population. Each staff member is trained extensively in conflict resolution, crisis intervention and management, the Student Code of Conduct and "The Residence Life Handbook", and is a contact person for emergencies. All student staff members participate in an evening duty rotation to assist with any occurrences.

In order to become an RA, students must successfully pass an application and interview process. All RAs must have a clean disciplinary record and a 2.5 cumulative GPA. RAs are compensated with a bed waiver.

Conference Assistants (CA)
Conference Assistants are students who help the office run over the summer and monitor the Conference Program. This position is utilized only during the summer months when camps and conference groups are registered with the college. Like the RA staff, the CA staff participates in a duty rotation to provide customer service and handle emergencies. CAs are compensated with a bed waiver.

Mail Clerk
The Mail Clerk is a student that is employed by our office to organize and distribute mail and packages to the resident student population. This student has regular office hours during the day in Residence Life and evening hours in the Mail Room in Orchard Hall. Mail Clerks are compensated with a bed waiver.

Maintenance Assistants
Maintenance Assistants help Residence Life with Work Orders that resident students submit. These students have regular office hours to assist with the facilities and inventory.

Desk Managers
Desk Managers are student leaders who help us maintain the safety and security of the residence halls. They are staffed at the entrance of the residence halls and ensure that the visitation and overnight guest policies are being adhered to.