Fraternity and Sorority Life
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The Fraternity and Sorority Community at Farmingdale State College is a values-based support system built on the common principles of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service.  Each fraternal organization, guided by its history, mission and purpose, enriches the individual, college and community.  Members are empowered and expected to continually develop their potential through lifelong exemplification of their fraternal values.

Many students seeking friendship and a home away from home join fraternities and sororities.  Along with these benefits come the support of a peer group, opportunities for community and college service, high academic standards and support, educational programming on topics of wellness and personal development, experience working with a diverse membership, and leadership opportunities.


Zero Tolerance Hazing Policy

Hazing is counter to the ideals, values and principles of fraternities and sororities.  Farmingdale State College has a zero-tolerance policy on hazing and the Office of Student Activities is focused on educating our fraternities and sororities about how hazing breaks down brother/sisterhood.  In addition, each group is required to adhere to risk management policies that address the areas of substance abuse, hazing, sexual abuse and fire safety to protect their members and guests.  Upon joining, all new members are required to attend an Anti-Hazing seminar where these issues are discussed.  Simply stated, substance abuse and hazing are not tolerated by our Fraternity/Sorority Community and groups violating this expectation are referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.


List of Organizations

Fraternities (4 Total)

Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Sigma, Phi Iota Alpha & Tau Kappa Epsilon

Sororities (2 Total)

Sigma Delta Tau and Phi Sigma Sigma


Community Service and Philanthropic Efforts Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Total Community Service Hours Completed: 3,800+ hours

Total Philanthropy Dollars Raised: $9,132.00