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Interaction Design  (IxD)

New Interaction Design Major

Do you ever imagine what things can be?
Are you creative, curious, analytical, and intuitive?

These are the qualities of people who go into the dynamic field of Interaction Design. Interaction Design focuses on human behavior and user experience in the design and development of web sites, mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) and exhibit design, among other things. Interaction Design - a combination of visual design and technology - focuses on people and how they interact with the world around them.

This program encourages a culture in which students learn the value of collaboration, vision, risk-taking, discovery, entrepreneurship, passion, social responsibility and play. Students will immerse themselves in an environment that focuses on the practical application of user-centered, needs-based design solutions built upon strong research and development, observation and prototyping.

Interaction Designers have the ability to influence the development of products, systems and services in fields as diverse as education, healthcare, banking, business and more. Interaction designers are in high demand because they combine visual design skills and experience with technology, research and prototyping.

This program is accepting students for the Fall of 2017.
Call the Visual Communication Department at 631-420-2181 for more information. 

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