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Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design Internships

Design Internships play a crucial role in preparing Visual Communications students to participate in the highly competitive industry of Graphic Design.

Our current program offers students school credit for industry related work, gives students an opportunity to network with other students in the program and allows them to discuss work related issues in an informal environment. The course includes monthly meetings to discuss work issues, weekly online discussions, and daily time sheets to verify employment and work hours.

In order to enhance this experience, we ensure that the companies hiring students fit established criteria. This includes on-site visits, maintaining contact with the supervisors via email and feedback forms and evaluations from current interns. Additionally, orientations and workshops are conducted for those students interested in pursuing an internship. These workshops include requirements about the program, how to find an internship, résumé writing, portfolio preparation, self-promotion and interviewing skills.

The internship program is designed to familiarize students with the realities of employment thus enhances student learning as they cross the bridge from college to the professional world.