Visual Communications
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Ms. Joyce LoBue
Secretary to the Chairperson 
Hale Hall, Room 156 
Fax : 631-420-2034

Welcome to the Department of Visual Communications

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Dimitry's painting

The Art and Graphic Design Baccalaureate Degree Program offers students exposure that is fundamental to a successful career in design and visual arts media. Students become familiar with emerging technologies in Interaction Design, Web Design and Development, Print and Advertising Design, Publication Design and many others, which prepare them for employment in a field that is both expressive and innovative.

The Visual Communications Department functions on the belief that design is a fundamental part of our society. With the rapid change in technology and the growth of the global marketplace, the desires of the design industry have progressed requiring the everyday designer to aim higher. Our Art & Graphic Design Program fosters an environment that celebrates this evolution. The Program provides prospective graduates with the necessary skills that transcend the traditional delivery platforms and focus on new emerging technologies essential to web, mobile, & social media. In completing the program, graduates will have the ability to generate solutions and effectively communicate ideas to collaborators, clients and audiences.

For More information please contact the Visual Communications' Office.