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Contact Information

Dr. Michael Goodstone, Chairperson
Ms. Barbara Sarringer, Secretary
Knapp Hall, Room 46
Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 4:45 pm
Tel: 631-420-2725
Fax: 631-420-2452


Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It embraces all aspects of the human experience — the functioning of the brain, development across the lifespan, principles of learning, work, cognition, behavior, interpersonal relationships, psychological disorders, and the treatment of emotional pain. Psychological professionals are found in every conceivable setting including corporations, scientific research centers, mental healthcare settings, colleges and universities, and governmental agencies. In each setting, psychological professionals study human behavior, in context, in order to improve the human condition.  Ultimately, the science of Psychology attempts to improve decision-making, increase understanding and tolerance, improve performance, enhance well-being and increase life- satisfaction. Courses offered by the Psychology Department at Farmingdale State College have been designed to stimulate and promote an inquisitive attitude regarding the scientific study of human behavior.

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Majoring in Psychology at Farmingdale State College

The Psychology Department is pleased to offer a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology. Click the "Applied Psych Program" link to learn more about the program.

Click here for a printable program description. 

For more information regarding the program please contact the Program Director, Dr. Marya Howell-Carter at or 631-420-2236.

For more information regarding admissions to Farmingdale State College click here.