Physical Plant
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John Dzinanka, Director 
tel: 631-420-2017
fax: 631-794-6101

Physical Plant

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The Physical Plant at Farmingdale State consists of: Power Plant, Structural Maintenance, Mechanical Equipment Maintenance (including heating, utilities and air conditioning), maintenance of roads and grounds, parking lots, eight miles of primary and secondary roads, transportation, moving and trucking, utilities distribution (electric, gas, and domestic hot and cold water, steam and hot water for heating), sewage treatment, capital equipment, facilities planning, capital improvement budget, construction management, campus safety, custodial service, energy management and central receiving.

The Physical Plant Department, under the supervision of its Director, is responsible for repairs and rehabilitation of all areas mentioned above.  Most of the work is handled through a work order system. This includes normal repairs which do not constitute a safety or health hazard. Emergency work is handled by telephone (X2018) at the Maintenance Operations Center located in the Service Building.