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Adjunct Pay Schedule - Spring 2015

Student Pay Schedule 2015 - 2016

Hourly Pay Schedule 2015 - 2016

The Payroll Office is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all State employees including Professional and Classified staff, Student Assistants and College Work Study students. The Human Resources Payroll Office processes all salary transactions, stipends, bonuses, inconvenience pay, pre-shift briefing, overtime meals, lost time, vacation and salary withholding.

Paycheck Distribution Procedures as of January 14, 2015

SALARY: Paychecks for all employees are received on a bi-weekly basis under a schedule established by the State of New York through the Department of Audit and Control in Albany, New York. Most full-time employees are processed on an annual salary basis paid bi-weekly (normally 26 pay periods) over a period of 12 months. Salary checks are distributed on campus by department on alternate Wednesdays.

EXTRA SERVICE: Involves approved part-time service at an employee's own campus or another unit of State University. Payment is made by the employing unit. Prior approval of the President for Extra Service is required and is obtained by submission of an Extra Service Approval Form (UP-8 for UUPF Bargaining Unit, UP-6 for Management/Confidential). There are restrictions on the amount an individual can earn on Extra Service. For faculty, the limitation is 20 percent of base salary for the academic year and an additional 20 percent over the summer. For Professional Staff, the limit is 20 percent of base salary for the calendar year. Please contact Human Resources or Accounts Payable/Payroll for further information.

COLLEGE WORK STUDY PAYROLL: This office has direct responsibility for the bi-weekly processing of the College Work Study Payroll.

STUDENT ASSISTANTS: The College’s Student Assistant Guidelines have been updated effective with the Spring 2005 semester in order to provide departments with additional guidance on the employment of these student workers. It should be noted that these guidelines also apply to the employment of students in the College Work Study (CWS) program, so that the policies governing both types of employment are virtually identical. In all cases, departments should first attempt to employ students as CWS, since this serves two purposes that benefit the College. First, the salary expenses are not charged against the College’s budget, and second, it allows us to fully utilize our CWS allocation.

Students may contact Patricia at (631)420-2742 or patricia.visgauss@farmingdale.edu with any paycheck related questions.