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Official State Holidays 2014/2015

Month Date Day Holiday
September ‘14 1 Monday Labor Day *
October '14 13 Monday Columbus Day *
November '14 4 Tuesday Election Day **
  11 Tuesday Veteran's Day *
  27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day *
December '14 25 Thursday Christmas Day *
January '15 1 Thursday New Year's Day *
  19 Monday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day *
February '15 12 Thursday Lincoln's Birthday **
  16 Monday Presidents' Day ***
May '15 25 Monday Memorial Day *
July '15 4 Saturday Independence Day ****

* The College will be officially closed on these holidays.

**The State has designated Election Day and Lincoln's Birthday to be observed as floating holidays in 2014/15 by employees in the Management/Confidential, CSEA (Administrative, Operational, Institutional), and PEF (Professional, Scientific and Technical Services) bargaining units. Classes are in session on Election Day and Lincoln's Birthday; therefore, College offices will remain open and an extra day will be earned by employees in those bargaining units.

The College President has designated Election Day and Lincoln’s Birthday to be observed as floating holidays by UUP. UUP employees will observe Election Day on the day after Thanksgiving, and Lincoln’s Birthday may be celebrated at the employee’s discretion with the advance approval of the area supervisor and consistent with the operating needs of the College.

*** Please note that classes are in session on several State holidays. In these instances, offices will be staffed at the supervisor's discretion and consistent with the operating needs of the College. For those employees who work the holiday, a compensatory day is earned or paid.

****Under the Attendance Rules, when a holiday falls on a Saturday, a compensatory day is earned.  In the case of employees whose regularly scheduled workday is Saturday, they will observe the holiday on that actual day.