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Jessica Durso
Benefits Manager
(631) 420-2663

It is very difficult to provide a general overview of benefits for employees or prospective employees of Farmingdale State. Each individual has a unique menu of options to chose from based upon a number of variables including date of appointment, or in some cases, date of first State service; title of position, which determines negotiating unit; type of service (classified or unclassified); full-time or part-time status; and age, for example. Recognizing the variations in the individual benefit packages available, this page will attempt to present an overview to help current employees understand their benefits as well as to provide potential employees with comparison data.

SUNY Benefits

SUNY Administration has developed a terrific Web site on SUNY Benefits. You will find it at http://www.suny.edu/benefits. We encourage you to bookmark this site as we think you will find it extremely valuable. The site includes many forms, detailed information about the various benefit programs, and links to additional resources.

Health Plan Websites

Retirement Plan Websites

Other Benefit Programs & Helpful Websites

New York State Flexible Spending Account

New Health Coverage Option Program for Young Adults