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Copy Center


The Campus Copy Center, located in the Service Building, is responsible for overseeing the duplicating requests of the College.

The Copy Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for weekends and CSEA holidays, and will assist the campus with copy work that cannot be accommodated by in-office copy machines; i.e., over 50 copies per page of project. Requests for copy work should include name of requestor, department name and account number. Please indicate if copy should be single-sided or back-to-back and how many copies are needed. Originals should be on white paper with a minimum one-half inch border. Signatures should be in black ink.  Allow adequate lead time for copying of exams-a minimum of 5 days. In order to ensure security of exams, mark them clearly and hand-carry to Copy Center.

Contact the Physical Plant Department at Ext. 2215 for any reproduction tas ks (such as the Viewbook, Campus Times, bulk orders of office forms, etc.) that are normally sent off campus for production. These requests will be charged to the budgets of requesting departments.

  1. The lead time required for printing of exams will be 5 days prior to the examination date.
  2. The exam must be marked "EXAM" and must be hand-delivered to the print shop.
  3. Security is guaranteed when printing an exam if it is identified as such.

The print shop will accept job requests for 50 or more copies.


The initial step of the process of having printing work done is the job request number. This number will follow the job form from its onset to completion and at times will be used as a reference when additional work may be needed at a future date. The job number is important for timeliness and for expediting purposes. No work will be done until a number is secured. Also, the Department Charge Number must be placed on the job sheet.

  1. All requests must have a job number issued by the Print Shop.
  2. All request forms must be completely filled out and delivered to the Print Shop, Whitman Hall in duplicate (a third copy should be kept by requestor for referral purposes).
  3. Originals must be attached to the request form.
  4. After completion of steps 1 through 3, the Print Shop Manager will review your request and, if necessary, will make recommendations for any changes deemed appropriate.
  5. It is recommended that all printing/duplicating requests be delivered IN PERSON to the Print Shop.   This will help to safeguard the "originals" and will expedite the assignment of a job number and the necessary review of the printing/duplicating request.
  6. Use of outside vendors should be limited to those capabilities not available on campus. If there any questions regarding the use of outside vendors, contact the Purchasing Office.
  1. All originals must be n eat and clean.
  2. All signatures must be signed in black ink.
  3. All originals must have at least a 3/8" border on all four sides.
  4. All originals should be on white paper. Colored paper makes poor copy.
  1. Paper must be offset and ordered by each department through the Mail & Supply.
  2. Paper and cards must be in good condition to go through the presse s.
  3. Allow 2 page of waste per 10 sheets (ie., 3 originals at 100 copies requires 110 sheets).