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Accounts Payable

Contact Information

Roseann Byron
Accounts Payable Manager
Tel 631-420-2078
Fax 631-420-2443


Accounts Payable

Employee Reimbursement Form (.pdf)
W-9 Form (.pdf)
Independent Contractor Form (.pdf)
Journal Transfer Request Form (.xls)


VOUCHERING:Farmingdale State College's Accounts Payable office is responsible for the payment of all purchases of goods and services requested by the various departments on campus, with the exception of those purchases made through the Auxiliary Services Corporation and the Farmingdale College Foundation. Merchandise and services are ordered through the Purchasing department, which prepares a purchase order and forwards a copy of this order to the requisitioning department and to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable must have an original invoice signed and dated by the department that the goods have been received in good order. Until the invoice is received, the Accounts Payable Department cannot pay the vendor. After the receipt of the merchandise, the AP office has only 30 days to pay the vendor before interest starts to accrue. It should be noted that no New York State tax will be paid. A tax exempt form can be obtained from Accounts Payable or the Purchasing department.

It can take from 10 days or more for payment to be issued after the College has submitted the voucher to Audit and Control.

EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENT: In certain instances, it is necessary for an employee to pay for something from their own funds. In these cases, the employee may seek reimbursement from their department. He/she needs to fill out the Employee Reimbursement form completely and attach the original detailed receipt showing payment was made. If payment was made by check, please include the front and back of the cancelled check.  

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: Independent Contractor forms are used when making Honoraria/Consultant payments. A W-9 form needs to be filled out in order to get the individual entered into the SFS system. After Purchasing notifies you that the person is entered, you can enter the requisition on the SUNY system. The two Independent Contractor forms need to be filled out by the department and the person receiving the payment along with other campus personnel. The form needs to contain his/her Social Security number and home address. The backup should include an invoice, event sheet or reason for payment. Honoraria cannot be paid to an employee of New York State including Foundation and Research employees of this or any SUNY campus. Large honoraria amounts require justification for selection and a statement that the vendor's price is fair and reasonable. If you have any questions in regards to this procedure, please contact Accounts Payable at the number above before agreeing to pay the person.

JOURNAL TRANSFERS:  All inter-agency journals must be sent to Accounts Payable. To complete the process, you will need:

  • Name of the school or agency the transaction is with
  • Farmingdale State College contact person
  • Contact person at the other agency
  • Amount of journal
  • State account number to be used (IFR or State Operating Account)
  • Description or purpose for the journal

After both agencies have finished their processing, the inter-agency journal is sent to SUNY system administration for completion.