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Study Abroad Financial Aid Procedure

As a SUNY student, your regular tuition rate will apply and be paid at your home campus. Any additional program fees will be paid to the SUNY school hosting your abroad program.

Additional study abroad costs may include:

  • Airfare
  • Money for personal expenses or travel
  • Books or other materials required for the courses
  • Visa application (if applicable)
  • Cell phone and communication costs
  • Transportation
  • Meals

When submitting your application packet be sure to complete the Financial Agreement Form. If you are using financial aid to cover any program expenses, this form must be completed with a financial aid advisor.

Financial Aid

Students wishing to use their financial aid while attending a Study Abroad program offered by Farmingdale State College must meet with a Financial Aid counselor.

Current Farmingdale Student:

You must apply in the normal manner beginning with filing out FAFSA as you would normally with the previous year’s tax information.


Once that is completed, go to the Financial Aid office (Laffin Hall 324) and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Financial Advisor.

When meeting with the Financial Advisor bring:

  • A form of photo identification: License or school ID card
  • A budget sheet for your program, outlining all costs that you may incur (tuition, program fees, housing, books etc)
  • Anticipated program dates of departure and return
  • Blank financial agreement form

Please note:

  • If your FAFSA has been chosen for verification for the Department of Education, you need to review OASIS and submit requested documentation, in its entirety, to the Financial Aid Office (Laffin Hall 324). Once it is reviewed you may then be awarded financial eligibility.
  • If you are a student at Farmingdale State College (‘home’ school) and plan to participate in another university's international program (referred to as the ‘host’ school), you and the host school must complete Farmingdale’s Consortium Agreement Form. Also, you need to complete the Farmingdale State College Course Pre-Approval Form (in full) and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Without following these instructions, you are not guaranteed financial aid or an appointment with a financial aid advisor. If you do not complete the requirements to obtain aid, you are responsible for the full program and tuition costs prior to program departure.

If you wish to withdraw from a program, you must notify the Farmingdale Study Abroad Advisor at least one week before your departure date. No fees are guaranteed refundable.