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How do I get my course approved?

All existing courses that include applied activities but not a change of course content or objectives may be submitted directly for review by FSC’s Applied Learning Review Board through the Axiom Mentor Application System.

The approval process will collect information regarding how many hours will be invested in applied activity as well as a brief description of how the criteria for applied learning are met. Faculty submitting a course for approval will also be required to briefly outline a plan for collecting data regarding student reaction and data regarding achievement of learning objectives associated with the applied learning activity.

If a completely new course is to be created, or extensive change to an existing course is required, a formal curriculum change proposal (CCP) must be submitted. Once the CCP process is complete, the course will need to follow the submission guidelines explained above for approval of the applied learning activity. 

  • Login to Axiom Mentor at www.farmingdale.edu/axiommentor.
  • Click on the Institutional Tools Tab and then the Applications Tab.
  • Once on the Application Tab you will see a list of different applications from which to choose. Choose the Applied Learning Application for the correct year.
  • Start a new application.
  • Complete all fields including the questionnaire and upload your syllabus.
  • Once complete go to the top of the window and click on the gray application is complete button.
  • Your application is now submitted. You will receive notification by email if your application has been approved, denied or requires changes.
  • Once approved, the Chair of the Department and the Registrar will also be notified.


For questions regarding the Applied Learning Review process please email Jenny Bryer at bryerj@farmingdale.edu