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Mission of the College

Farmingdale State College, a campus of the State University of New York, is a public comprehensive college of applied science and technology. At Farmingdale, students, faculty, and staff form a community committed to diversity and excellence in learning, scholarship, research, and service to society. The educational experience at the College provides students with a foundation of knowledge and skills so that they may be imaginative, critical thinkers and successful problem solvers, who are motivated by a spirit of inquiry and recognized for innovative achievement throughout the region, state, and nation. Offered by outstanding scholar-teachers and professional staff members, a Farmingdale State College education, embracing ethics, culture, and aesthetics, empowers graduates to be exemplary citizens,
scholars, professionals, and leaders in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. In fulfilling its mission, the College shall:

  • provide students with a broad academic foundation, which includes an appreciation of culture, ethics, aesthetics, citizenship, cultural diversity, and the interrelationships among the applied arts and sciences,
    technologies, and society.
  • offer affordable programs to academically qualified students which support their educational aspirations, meet the needs of regional employers, and promote the economic, social and cultural development of the region. provide a stimulating environment that results in student learning.
  • promote scholarship and research that addresses the Mission of the College, benefits the larger society, and enhances teaching and student learning.
  • enhance student activities and services beyond the classroom in order to support and enrich learning and promote career, social, and personal development for diverse student populations.
  • provide a physical environment that supports and enriches teaching, learning, scholarship, and research.
  • foster an open and transparent campus environment in order to maintain
    the integrity of the Mission of the College.
  • seek and provide ample resources to support the Mission of the College.
  • encourage students to aspire to be exemplary citizens, scholars, professionals, and leaders in society.

You are invited to visit the College’s website at www.farmingdale.edu for the most current and up-to-date information.